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Human-Oriented, Cherish Life; Safety First, Scientific Management; Advanced Prevention, Execution-Oriented.
Intensively implementing the guiding principles proposed by the CPC 18th National Congress, following the Scientific Development Outlook and national overall plans and requirements, and upholding the concept of development safety; Based on the consistent improvement of safety management system, the objectives of "accident, hazard or pollution-free" and the guidlines of "prioritising safety, prevention and comprehensive management", strengthening supervision and building accountability, eliminating accident-prone factors and improving systems and mechanism, adopting more broad approaches and innovative methods to maintain long-lasting work safety across the Group.
The COSCO Group has, by implementing ISO 9000 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and SHSAS 18000 Occupational Safety and Health Management System, established its comprehensive management system. Since 1998, the COSCO Group has begun comprehensively implementing ISM Rules. According to the standards and requirements set out in the comprehensive management system, all procedures involving the Group's decision-making and operation should be conducted in strict compliance with the procedures of management system. In the fields of safeguarding transportation safety, all departments and subordinates under the Group Head Office, by implementing such procedures as decision-making scheme design, development strategy and plan management, vessel purchasing and out-of-service management, transportation management, emergency disposal, computerized management, comprehensive management system process control and risk evaluation etc., guarantee the management imposed on logistics, transportation and production, vessel dispatching, commercial business, dock, safety, vessel technology, communication and navigation, crewmen and vessel safeguarding, and an orderly "close loop" of safe transportation and production has been formed so as to ensure the benefits of our customers and the Group.
Zero vessel sinking, zero severe engine damage and pollution accidents, zero accidents resulting in serious casualties, beware of ships hijacked by pirates, taking every necessary measure to avoid major accidents, effectively curbing all kinds of common accidents and minor accidents. Ensuring more than 98% of the whole vessels under safety control; restraining the casualty ratio of employees during work within 0.1%; restraining the accident rate of vehicle transportation within one accident for every one million kilometers; ensuring the safety transportation rate of 100% while carrying items for major project; restraining the rate of vessel detention within 0.5%. and eventually achieve our goal of "zero-accident, zero-damage and zero-pollution".
Deeply carrying out the "three activities" of safe production which are publicity and education, supervision and inspection, and hidden risk control, stressing the "three constructions" of safe production which are the construction of system and mechanism, the construction of capability and the construction of safety management team; Actively promoting the basic level and fundamental construction of the system of transportation safety and emergency treatment, continuously innovating to introduce new methods of safety management, establishing the training system of safety education which is suitable to the COSCO Group's strategic development and our staff's needs, enforcing and dynamically optimizing the long-term effective system of safety education and management; Thoroughly implementing the dynamic checking of vessel safety management, Strengthening the level of safety checking from static management to dynamic checking, then to Omni-directional control and monitoring, focusing on resolving the outstanding problems in vessel safety management; Highlighting the building of "two teams": building a safety supervision and management team and a crewman team which are high-quality, powerful, responsible and professional. Continuously strengthening the foundation of safe production, improving the level of safety management, working at full blast to control all kinds of accidents, trying hard to create an intrinsically safe enterprise, strongly promoting the steadily healthy development of COSCO Group's safe production work.
  ISO9001 Quality Management Systems
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