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"World Shipping (China) Summit 2014" closed successfully
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On November 7th, the three-day "World Shipping (China) Summit 2014" closed successfully in Chongqing. A total of more than 700 people attended this year’s annual meeting, who are world famous scholars, experts, business leaders, the world's top professional institutions, etc. The participants explored and discussed the future of shipping industry through Panel Discussion, Top Views, Leaders Forum, Pioneers Dialogue and Q&A. Together, a bright prospect for shipping industry was projected and let’s work on it.

Mr. Ma Zehua,Chairman of the Board of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, made the keynote speech titled Strategic Thinking of Shipping Management under the New Normal circumstances. He made his analysis on the impact of new normal economy to shipping from three aspects: growth decline, structure transition, and change of driving force behind economy growth. Mr. Ma also elaborated how the new normal shipping industry would manifest itself from four different angles: a. Competition at ultra low cost will become a normal profit strategy; b. Integration of resources within and outside will become the norm of shipping co-opetion. c. Cross industry integration will become the “new norms” driving shipping industry. d. Service model innovation will become the new normal in winning customers. Mr. Ma further added that to cope with the new normal of economy and shipping, collaboration, innovation and rationality are three key words. To look it from another perspective, Mr. Ma said, the collaboration should be enhanced step by step from a single project to the higher level of industry chain, and from domestic to international. Innovation always matters, and more so under new normal conditions. Innovation should be promoted not only through individual effort, but more by joint endeavor and consolidated activities. In all our business pursuit, Mr. Ma said lastly, we need to remember: to expand with controlled ambition, to grow towards reasonable goals.

Mr. Li Yunpeng, President of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company delivered his speech titled “Reflection on Custom Oriented Business Philosophy”. In his speech, Mr. Li indicated some new features and trend observed from customer requirements i.e. the pace of business demand is eased while the geographic coverage of the same is spreading to abroad, and the scope of service required is also enhanced from a single assignment to integrated task. To better adapt to these changes and further implement customer-centric strategy, Mr. Li said, shipping lines should change their mindset from competition for individual benefit to achieving common prosperity. Changeover should also be made, added Mr. Li, on marketing approach from traditional type to E-Commerce. Mr. Li also emphasized that the service chain of shipping lines must be upgraded from merely providing water transportation to offering comprehensive logistic solutions. Summarizing his speech, Mr. Li said, relation between shipping lines and their customers can and should be elevated from loose cooperation to close partnership.

With the theme Adapting to New Norms, the summit organizer through two sessions: Business Promotion, Industrial Achievements Release highlighted shipping industry's major concerns on business opportunity and technology frontier. The participants also learned more about national strategy of Yangtze River economic belt, the Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road from thematic forums discussions. The most authoritative institutions were invited to forecast economy outlook and prospects of shipping Industry, and global and domestic top economists shared their foresight on macro economy. Prominent consulting agencies and industry experts analyzed shipping industry's future, while the most influential leaders and business elites from shipping and related industries have enlightened everyone by their advice on business management. Guests too were active in airing their views on economy, industry, technology, management, strategy, competition, legal, environmental protection and other important subjects, all sharing with us professionally their valuable experience and views full of wisdom.

To better sharing all resources, the summit provided the participants with various platforms for interaction, such as meetings, interviews, communication and press release etc. Having built the bridge for successful communication, business information exchanging and discovering commercial opportunities, these platforms were highly appreciated and praised by participants and the media at home and abroad alike. Always attaching great importance to its relations with customers, COSCO Group leadership fully tapped opportunities provided by the summit by holding more than 30 interviews to strengthen the communication with clients and friends of all sectors.

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