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Piraeus Container Terminal S. A.

On November 25, 2008 the Chinese President Hu Jintao and the Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis witnessed the signing of the concession agreement of Pier II & III. From that moment on, COSCO Pacific Limited subsidiary of COSCO Group, one of the world's top terminal operators began a remarkable co-operation with Piraeus, the most important container hub port in the Mediterranean area.

Since PCT officially overtook the management, SAFETY has been the first priority. PCT adopted the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) certification in May 2011. As per the ISPS security management system, PCT developed a trained security team and advanced security facilities for the safety of people, ships, cargoes and equipment within the port area, providing a full range of services and protection. PCT has the state-of-the-art gate in/out system in the world, which can automatically carry out the gate-inspection related tasks such as container damage inspection, container weighing and so on in an efficient way. Thanks to this system, PCT significantly saved the yard turnaround time for the external trucks.

Helping ship owners catch up schedules and save cost has always been one of the most important priorities for PCT. Our basic policy is to accelerate the transfer of ships and containers through high-quality services in order to gain more business.

We even provide HOT CONNECTION for some on-time lines. The discharged containers are not transferred through the yard but are allocated directly to another vessel.

Pier II, PCT is currently in operation, has 4 berths, 2009 m of shoreline, the total area of which is 560,000 square meters with a depth of 14.5-16.5 m. There are 18 quay-cranes (including 6 Super Post Panamax), 16 RMGs in operation at Pier II. PCT provides comprehensive services for the vessels with capacity 5000-14000TEU of trunk lines and corresponding feeders of a dozen of the world's major shipping lines. These shipping companies enjoy high-quality services in PCT, especially safety, stability and efficient handling services - PCT loading and unloading records have even reached 46.8 MOVES / cranes / hour.

The first phase of the Pier III construction project is in full swing and will be in commission in May 2013. The completion of all works will be by the end of October, 2015. After the completion, Pier III's quay length will be 800 meters with a depth of about 18.5 meters. 7 Super Post Panamax double lifting quay-cranes will be added which will provide better services to the world's largest vessel to be launched with capacity of 18,000 TEU. 

PCT, not only provides comprehensive services to shipping companies, but also has a total area of 23,986 square meters of LCL business center. The LCL center, located within the Free Zone Type I, has 6,850 square meters of a bonded warehouse. Customers can store their goods in the warehouse until the transactions of goods are determined. Following this goods can be exported and launched in the market after the customs clearance or directly to be transferred to other countries.

Additionally, the LCL center has 600-square meter reefer storage and a 400 square-meter dangerous goods warehouse. Experienced workforce and advanced facilities provide you with high-quality offloading, warehousing, consolidation, packing one-stop service.

PCT workforce has high-class operation technology to wholeheartedly ensure safety, catch up schedules and simultaneously they are backed up with an integrated, accurate, comprehensive and rapid information system to provide customers with a strong soft-power protection.

PCT management team and staff uphold the core principle of the COSCO Group, "harmony and win-win", for the community, customers, partners, shareholders and employees to create real value. Therefore PCT is recognized by all parties and has had a great success so far: 

PCT's throughput of 2010 was 685,000 TEUs. The throughput of 2011has been increased by 73.3% over the previous year to 1.188 million TEUs.

The throughput of 2012 has been increased again and reached 2.1 million TEU. PCT has established a high reputation in Europe, Greece, China and the industry due to its high-quality service and amazing growth rate.

The cooperation between COSCO Pacific and Piraeus Port Authority has created a "harmonious and win-win" frame.

The cooperation between PCT and the current customers has written a new chapter of "harmony and win-win "!

We believe that your cooperation with PCT will create a "harmony and win-win "new paradigm!

Telephone: 0030-210-4099100
Fax: 0030-210-4099101
Address: N. Sempo - N. Ikonio, 188 63 Perama - P. O. Box 92522, Athens, Greece

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