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Shanghai Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd.

Registered on February 11, 2009 in accordance with the law, Shanghai Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COSCOSH) which was originated from Shanghai Ocean Shipping Company after its overall system restructuring, currently ranks as one of the most important container shipping business units in listed company China COSCO in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The Company and its invested enterprises mainly engages in international and domestic ship management, maritime passenger and freight transport, international transport and storage, and transport services, ship supply, communications, repair and shipping-related services, trade, labor export, hotels services and other business activities.

Existing staff of COSCOSH and its investment companies is more than ten thousand, near a thousand of which is the personnel specialized in enterprise management and ship safety and technical management, besides, there are 8,500 high-quality ocean crewmembers excellent in good work ethic andoperation skills (including more than 3600officers).

COSCOSHis one of the shipping companies in China which implemented the ISM Code at the very early stage. In September 1996, COSCOSHhas acquired the first DOC certificate among Chinese shipping companies. The employees of the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in ship management,especially since the establishment of safety management system, ship-to-shore employeeseffectively manage all types of vessels based on safety management system, which ensure the effective operation of the safety management system in the company and on the ship.

By virtue of years of ocean shipping management experience and advantages,proficiency in computer networks and ship-to-shore data communication technology, COSCOSH actively promotes the use of ship management information system. At present, COSCOSH manages more than 100 container vessels for COSCO Container Lines sailing in the line of more than 20 trunk routes anchoring more than 100 of the world's important ports.

In the day-to-day ship management, the formation of a full range of modern management pattern in COSCOSH has accumulated on the basis of safety management system, integrated full operation management system,in accordance with international and domestic rules and standards of safety, quality, environmental and occupational health.

At the advantage of ship management and crew manning service, COSCOSHalso provides ship management and crew labor service to shipowners and shipping operators other than COSCO Group. The company has established a professional brand in the domestic and international ship management and crew labor market, as well as the output of management resources, consulting services of the ship, crew resource output with intermediaries and other related fields.

Hosting the broad maritime history and tradition, rooted in the fertile soil of the global shipping industry, COSCOSH will advance with the times, making constant progress, aiming high, taking thriving enterprise and servicing customers as our own responsibilities, and adhering to the belief of "being realistic and innovative, dedicating ourselves to the service of our country ", being faithful to the world, and commitment to excellence, striving for world-class shipping services, and new brilliance in the 21st century.

Telephone: 021-65701888
Fax: 021-55800387
Address: 1551-1555 Chang Yang Road, Shanghai 200090, China

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