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"World Shipping (China) Summit 2013" closed successfully
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On November 8th, the three-day "World Shipping (China) Summit 2013" closed successfully in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. A total of more than 800 people attended this year’s annual meeting, who are world famous scholars, experts, business leaders, the world's top professional institutions, etc. The attendees explored and discussed the future of shipping industry through Panel Discussion, Top Views, Leaders Forum, Pioneers Dialogue and Q&A.

Setting the theme Responding to New Realities, the conference organizer condenses the shipping industry's most concern, most popular and most direct problems into eight highly targeted and practical agenda: “China Factor” Evolution, Future of Shipping Strategy, Pros and Cons of Cross-industry Competition, Opportunities and Risks in Industrial, Investment and Finance, Responding to New Realities, Industrial Restructuring, Identifying Symptoms of Shipping, Care of Weak Recovery. The attendees shared their excellent experience and insights with the industry's top leaders, prominent economists and experts and scholars during the summit.

Mr. Ma Zehua,Chairman of the Board of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, made keynote speech titled Responding to Industrial Transformation through Concerted Efforts. He pointed out that the future reform of the international shipping industry is mainly reflected by two levels. The first level is the external change of shipping industry, including global economic deep adjustment influence on shipping industry’s recovery, economic globalization and regionalization of rebalancing will intensify the shipping market towards a new pattern of differentiation, the global trade changes will impact shipping industry and its traditional management pattern. The second level is the change within the shipping industry, centering around the "digestion of excess capacity” and the re-establishment of business model. Facing the above changes, he said the industry should work together in harmony to meet the changes because it is difficult for any company to wall itself off from the consequences of the global changes. What’s more, he expressed the idea that we should further deepen cooperation relationship through innovation of the cooperation between shipowners, innovation of the cooperation between shipowners and related parties, innovation of the cooperation between shipowners and customers.

The speech titled Strategic Trap in All Industrial Chain Management was made by Mr. Li Yunpeng, Director of Board, President of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company. He pointed out that the industrial development opportunity and risk coexists, our own professional ability is the basis of shipping companies. Enterprises should accomplish reasonable layout of industrial sector, industrial chain should strengthen the understanding and deepen cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, and build a healthy and orderly industry ecological environment and promote the sustained and healthy development of shipping industry.

To further increase the intensity of resource sharing, the summit provided the attendees with dozens of all kinds of meetings, interviews, communication and press release etc. Due to the platform of successful communication and business information exchanging and business opportunities, the participants and the media at home and abroad spoke highly of the summit. COSCO Group leadership attaches great importance to relations with customers, using this opportunity to hold more than 30 various types of interviews to strengthen the communication with customers and all walks of life.


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