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and General Introduction
Management participation
Human rights

    Part I.Management approaches
    Part II.Performance indicators
  (1) Community Involvement and Public Welfare Projects
(2) Anti-corruption and Anti-commercial Bribery
(3) Public Policies
(4) Fair Competition
(5) Law-compliance
(6) Evaluation on Social Influences of Suppliers
(7) Appealing Mechanism on Social Influence Issues



COSCO Group commits itself to the fulfillment of social responsibilities, and shoulders its responsibilities as a global citizen. The group strives to maintain good relations with the local communities and promote prosperity of the community. The group makes continuous efforts to construct the comprehensive corruption penalty and prevention system. It respects and protects intellectual property right, strives to promote a fair, just and open market environment and fights against industrial monopoly with determination.
COSCO Group requires all its subsidiaries to undertake their corporate social responsibilities in the local communities and formulates the Implementation Opinions of COSCO Group of the Implementation Guidelines for Establishment of a Sound Educational, Administrative and Supervision System to Prevent Corruption. All subsidiaries have formulated the implementation plans and rules based on the Implementation Opinions and carry out anti-corruption, anti-bribe and anti-monopolization work in an effective manner. The group sticks to the principles of ¡°honesty and fairness¡±, tries to keep the market order with free and fair competition, insists on win-win cooperation and protects rights and interests of cargo owners and stakeholders. The group requires its subsidiaries to include the anti-corruption, anti-bribe and anti-monopolization work into the daily evaluation of employees and annual evaluation of the top executives.

In order to better support the performance of social responsibility, all subsidiaries of COSCO Group established workers¡¯ congress to realize democratic management. They set up sustainability committee and administrative management department to keep the favorable partnership relationships with the communities. They also set up the supervision and disciplinary inspection offices for anti-corruption work, and the administrative offices such as the general manager¡¯s office for daily meeting, reception and affairs of the company. The marketing or sales departments of the subsidiaries are responsible for implementation of national and international policies, rules and regulations regarding anti-monopolization and anti-unfair competition.

COSCO Group has been dedicated to promoting the social responsibility concept and culture throughout the company in an effective manner through training and communication of employees, introduced the concept and culture to the visiting guests, brought the community building, anti-corruption, anti-monopolization and law-compliance work into the training plans, and organized training and education in an organic, multiple-formed and multiple-layered manner.

COSCO Group insists on operating in a legal manner, strictly abides by international conventions, laws, rules and regulations as well as local laws, rules and regulations (industry and commercial, environmental and security laws), tries to do things in accordance with the laws, and forms the favorable atmosphere of studying, knowing, abiding by and using the laws.
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