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and General Introduction
Management participation
Human rights

    Part I.Management approaches
    Part II.Performance indicators
  (I) Responsible Investment and Procurement
(II) Non-discrimination and Cares for Vulnerable Groups
(III) Freedom of Association and Collective Negotiation
(IV) Basic Principles and Rights at Work¡ª¡ªProhibition of Child Labor
(V) Basic Principles and Rights at Work¡ª¡ª Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Labor
(VI) Basic Principles and Rights at Work¡ª¡ªCaring Human Rights in Security and Safeguard Work
(VII) Basic Principles and Rights at Work¡ª¡ªRespecting and Protecting Rights and Interests of Indigenous Residents and Local Employees
(VIII) Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
  (IX) Human Right Risks



COSCO Group implements and acts in the scientific outlook of development, sticks to the target of ¡°constructing a century-old COSCO Group¡±, strictly abides by national laws, rules and regulations as well as laws and regulations applicable to the Company in terms of investment & procurement behaviors, non-discrimination, collective negotiation, child labor prohibition, prohibition of compulsive and forced labor, security defense work, cultural rights of employees and rights of local employees, abides by and implements the international conventions, international labor standards and other applicable industrial standards endorsed by the Chinese Government. It carefully implements the Opinions of State Council on Solving the Issues Relating to Migrant Workers and does a better job in work related to migrant workers. It actively promotes the signing of collective contracts and the special collective agreement on labor protection of female employees to ensure legal rights and interests of enterprise and the employees and to keep stable and harmonious labor relations. It formulates the Procedures on Openness of Company Affairs and the Interim Rules on Openness of Company Affairs of COSCO (COSCO Group) Headquarters, improves workers¡¯ congress system and promotes democratic management to provide policy supports for establishment of a harmonious enterprise. Various trainings are organized to enhance the human right awareness and right protection consciousness of employees, and special training on respect of human rights for related persons. All levels of trade unions of COSCO Group are public organizations organized by employees voluntarily. While keeping the overall rights and interests of the enterprise, the trade unions carry out work independently in accordance with the Law of Trade Union of the People¡¯s Republic of China and the Articles of Associations of Trade Union, and perform their obligations to represent and protect the legal rights and interests of employees by establishing democratic management, safety production supervision and labor safety supervision mechanisms.
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