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and General Introduction
Management participation
Human rights

    Part I.Management approaches
    Part II.Performance indicators
(2)Labor Relations
(3) Occupational Health and Safety
(4) Training and Education
(5) Equal Opportunities and Diversification
(6) Equal Payment for Males and Females
(7) Social Dialogue
(8) Appealing Mechanism of Labor Issues



In a bid to ensure occupational health and safety of employees, and create harmonious labor relationships, COSCO Group starts from sustainable development strategies, establishes the entrepreneur team, professional technical talent team, operation & management talent team and seafarers¡¯ team suitable to requirements of its development strategies.

Based on related laws, rules and regulations home and abroad, COSCO Group stipulates on staff employment, management and use, as well as occupational healthy, labor safety, and welfare policies to provide solid policy basis and system guarantee for construction of harmonious COSCO. It establishes and improves the Articles of Associations of the Trade Union, sets up the Female Worker Committee, establishes CSIS and creates and implements the occupational health and safety management system.

It protects legal rights and interests of seafarers, establishes harmonious labor relationships and ensures ¡°decent work and life¡± of seafarers. All shipping units of COSCO Group actively perform the responsibilities and obligations specified in the Maritime Labor Convention 2006 to ensure health and safety of employees, and ensure that the onboard working environment is favorable for occupational health and safety of seafarers.

It formulates training plans based on strategic development planning and annual targets of the enterprise, creates workers meeting, general manager¡¯s mail box, letter and visit system and democratic meeting to solicit opinions, and holds symposiums on regular basis to promote overall development of human resources.

COSCO Group pays close attention to career development of employees, and coordinates the occupational development demands of employees with development planning of enterprises. It promotes the mutual progress of employees and enterprise by establishing fair, just and transparent talent selection mechanism, offering diversified cultivation channels, encouraging employees to elevate its comprehensive ability and formatting and implementing employee career development planning.

COSCO Group supervises and guides occupational health and safety production of the company as well as establishment and implementation of related rules, regulations and systems through quarterly inspection on management system, internal audit and management assessment. It accepts supervision of the public and employees on performance of related rules and regulations through openness of company affairs and workers congress meeting systems.

COSCO Group insists on ¡°putting people first and promoting development of the enterprise with talents¡±, places employees at an important position for its development, actively undertakes the social responsibilities to the employees, and focuses on interests of employees. With emphasis of main body responsibilities for safety production as the main line, effective prevention of significant events and effective control of common accidents and small accidents as the target, shipping safety, anti-pirate and prevention of work-related injuries as the focus, it formulates and adopts effective prevention and protection measures to ensure health and safety of employees.
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