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Management participation
Human rights

    Part I.Management approaches
    Part II.Performance indicators
  (1) Health and Safety of Customers
(2) Product and Service Logo
(3) Market Promotion
(4) Customer Privacy
(5) Law-compliance



COSCO Group and its affiliated shipping, logistics and terminal companies voluntarily shoulder their due responsibilities in product life cycle and whole service providing process. They established and implemented the sustainability management system and comprehensive risk management system, and applied system-wide and uniform procedures for document control, training management and internal control to fulfill the requirements regarding to shipping, logistics and related products and services. Offices for sustainability committees or regulatory departments were set up to be responsible for effective operation and control of quality, environment, occupational health and social responsibility management systems.

In the product development, design, performance, implementation and follow-up service sectors, they paid close attention to safety and health of consumers and actively delivered product and service information by making use of IT technologies. They stuck to the self-disciplinary marketing strategies of "being honest to customers worldwide and establishing the credit", operated the business in accordance with laws and regulations, and established law-complying production and consumption environment together with customers. The company exerts great efforts build honesty culture and promotes its products and services in honest and faithful manner by following the marketing rules of the group. It pays special attention to credit management, makes constant efforts to establish and improve the credit management system, and control and reduce the risks of accounts receivables. In order to adapt to the management requirements under new situations, the company establishes coordinative, mutual-beneficiary, long-term and stable cooperation relationships with the suppliers to promote the implementation of procurement and supplier management system in the system and ensure the stability and high-efficient operation of supplying chain system.

The company supervised and checked the product and service liability relating activities through annual internal audit, second-party supervision and audit, third party certification and audit, as well as daily and annual evaluation. Related companies have established and implemented the management systems in accordance with the Quality Management Standards (ISO9000) and international/domestic safety management regulations (ISM CODE/NSM CODE) (Please refer to B Certifications of Management Systems of Related Companies).
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