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    Part I.Management approaches
    Part II.Performance indicators
1 (1) Materials
(2) Energy
(3) Water Resources
(4) Bio-diversity
(5) Exhaust Gas Emission
(6) Sewage and Waste
(7) Products and Services
(8) Law Compliance
(9) Traffic and Transportation
(10) Overview
(11I) Environmental Issue Appealing Mechanism



While pursuing economic benefits, COSCO Group shoulders social responsibilities and performs the environmental protection requirements in Global Compact. It has set the guidelines of environmental protection as ¡°comprehensive management, preservation of resources, environment protection¡± and has committed to protecting the environment and preserving global resources, and supporting and participating in ecological protection activities as a social responsibility undertaker to initiatively improve enterprises¡¯ environmental protection system. COSCO Group has taken the safety and the environmental protection as an important part of its commitment. All the subsidiaries have introduced the ISO14001 Environmental Management Standards for establishment of the environmental management system and have passed third-party certification. In the meantime, and established their safety management systems.

In 2014, COSCO Group constantly deepened the energy conservation and emission reduction work. It has paid close attention to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection work, transformed theoretical achievements into an important weapon to promote its comprehensive, coordinative and sustainable development, changed new technologies and measures for energy conservation and emission reduction into practical achievements, and promoted its green and sustainable development. It continued to increase its scientific and technological inputs to accelerate the promotion and application of energy-conservation and emission reduction technological achievements. Besides paying close attention on the requirements of international conventions on energy conservation and emission reduction, it carried out work related to energy-efficiency management system of ships in a steady manner to ensure completion of energy-conservation and emission reduction targets for 12th Five-year Plan period.

The Safety & Technology Supervision Division is responsible for the environmental protection work of COSCO Group. All the subsidiaries have set up the administrative unit or specific posts for environmental protection, which are mainly responsible for tracing and analyzing the environmental protection trends home and abroad, researching and stipulating policies and measures relating to environmental protection, supervising and guiding positions at all levels to effectively implement the solutions relating to environmental protection, and dealing with and correcting the deficiencies in environmental protection work.

COSCO Group brought environmental protection contents into training plans and temporarily training plans of employees each year through effective operation of quality and environment management systems, and organized knowledge update and management skill trainings for managing personnel of environmental management system and persons in environmental management posts, so as to improve the environmental protection consciousness and environmental protection management level of employees.

Based on internal and external audit procedures of environmental management system, regular and annual evaluation procedures and the opinion solicitation from stakeholders, COSCO Group enhanced the supervision over the environment-related behavior and improved the deficiencies through corrective and preventative procedures, thus constantly improving the company¡¯s environment performances and building a secure and environment-friendly PDCA recycling management system.

The Safety & Technology Supervision Department of the group is responsible for external communications and exchanges on environmental protection, including information communications and negotiations with regulatory departments, industrial organizations or institutions and other groups to promote the group¡¯s environmental protection guidelines and ideas, and accept and reply to consultation, suggestions and complaints of stakeholders. The department also identified, analyzed and evaluated risks related to energy-conservation and environmental protection, fully consider the interests and demands of stakeholders, enhanced the collaboration and cooperation, properly dealt the interest conflicts with stakeholders and realized the sharing of opportunities and risks with stakeholders.
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