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and General Introduction
Management participation
Human rights

    Part I.Corporate Governance
  I.Governance Structure
II.Board of directors
III.Special Committee of the Board
IV.Board of Supervisors
V.Management Team
VI.Committees and Working Teams
VII.Decision-making Procedures and Structure
VIII.All-staff Participation and Communication Mechanism
IX.Corporate Evaluation Mechanism
X.Personnel Evaluation Mechanism
XI.nternal Statements, Behavioral Principles and Implementation Situations Relating to Economic, Environmental and Social Performance

    Part II.Main Policies and Management Systems
    Part III.Integration of Social Responsibility into
Organization and Manageme
    Part IV. Legal Affairs Management
    Part V.Construction of Sustainability Information Management Platform
    Part VI.Implementation of SASAC¡¯s Social Responsibility Requirements
    Part VII.Full Implementation of UN Global Compact Principles
    Part VIII.Voluntary Initiatives and Commitments Regarding Social Responsibility
    Part IX.Identification and Participation of Stakeholders



In accordance with related requirements and decisions of State Council SASAC on the pilot work to establish and improve the board of directors of enterprises solely funded by the State, COSCO Group established the Board of Directors on Aug. 23, 2011 to improve its juridical person governance structure, promote scientific decision-making, realize value-keeping and value-increase of state-owned assets, and enhance energies, controlling ability and influence of state-owned economy. The Board of Directors is the decision-making organ for operation and management of the company, and is responsible for research and determination of key operation and management issues. Chairman of COSCO Group is the legal representative of the company.

Governance structure of COSCO Group (please see the chart below) complies with the requirements for sustainable development. When making the decisions and supervising on topics that have significant economic, environmental and social influences, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board try to ensure that the decision-making process is democratic, scientific and law-compliant. When making important decisions, the Board of Directors will solicit opinions of the Government, investors and industry experts through opinion-collecting conference and on-site survey and investigation. The Board of Directors has established various coordination and communication mechanism. When the operating or investment projects of the company are conflicted with interests of external stakeholders, the Board of Directors will research on the solutions and authorize the managers to take measures to solve the conflicts and ensure normal operation of the company.

The Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board timely know the economic development situations, changes of environment, policies as well as laws and regulations, and key issues of the society through studying activity and special discussion, research on possible influences on operation of the group and put forward related countermeasures.

The Board of Directors is responsible for review of comprehensive risk management report of the group. It evaluated and reviewed the key risk events and countermeasures, and propelled related departments to implement the countermeasures, so as to control the risks effectively. In the meantime, it listened to opinions and suggestions of the regulatory institutes and experts on a regularly basis, so as to elevate the scientific level and risk management level of risk management decisions.

The Company holds the workers¡¯ congress each year, at which, leaders of the company report on operating, management and decision-making and implementation situations of key items to the representatives of workers. Items such as reform, distribution and welfare that are related to interests of workers will be discussed and approved by the workers¡¯ congress.
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