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    1.Management approaches
    2.Performance indicators
  1)Employee employment
2)Relations between labors and management team
3)Safety and occupational health
4)Training and examination
5)Diversification and opportunities



COSCO Group insisted on people-orientation, studied and implemented scientific development concept in an in-depth manner, and started from its long-term development strategy to innovate operational ideas, improve its management, optimize the structure and establish a harmonious enterprise, so as to establish teams of entrepreneurs, technical talents, operational and management talents, and crews that are adaptable to requirements of its development strategies. COSCO Group actively promoted the diversified employee and culture management and its global operation and management. It propelled the overall development of human resources, deepened crew system reforms and promoted the social work such as pensions and medical insurance. It established peaceful and diversified talent competition mechanism, built up a platform for employees to bring their talents into full play and fulfilled the harmony and unification of employees' growth and enterprises' development. In 2008, it has completed the health and safety training targets set up in early of the year.
¡ö Long-term target: continuously improve overall quality of employees, establish professional teams that are suitable to requirements of strategic development of COSCO Group, and create harmonious labor relations. Insist on scientific development and human-orientated, fulfill the strategic targets of "zero accident, zero injury and zero pollution" and ensure occupational health and safety of employees;
¡ö Annual target: enhance safety consciousness of all staff and effectively reduce occurrence rate of human injuries. Prohibit key and important injury and death accidents, avoid big accidents, effectively control common accidents and small accidents and reduce the death toll of employees to below 0.1%0.


Seafarers and the Labor Contract Law, COSCO Group has formulated the Human Resources Management Procedures, the Safety Risk Management Procedures, the Employees Brochure and the Collection of Organization and Human Resources Working System, defining policies relating to employee recruitment, management, employment as well as the occupational health, labor safety, welfares and treatments. These regulations provided solid policy bases and system guarantees for construction of a harmonious COSCO Group. The group has established and improved the articles of associations for the labor unions and organized collective negotiation and democratic negotiation as well as the communications and exchanges between employees' representatives and members of top management of the company. It set up female employees' committee as well as other organizations to protect legal rights and interests of female employees and ensure physical and psychological health of female employees. COSCO Group has stuck to the strategy of developing enterprises by talents, deepened the reform on modern personnel systems, established the human resources management system, and enhanced the transparency and democracy for selection and appointment of cadres. It implemented the public disclosure system in appointment of cadres and adopted competition-for-post method on a just and fair basis to enhance employees' enthusiasm, prospects and creativity. COSCO Group established the COSCO Seafarer Information System (CSIS) to standardize the recruitment, appointment, evaluation, training and management of crews, making sure that COSCO Group has a crew team with sufficient members, reasonable structure and excellent quality. COSCO Group and its subsidiaries gradually introduced OHSAS18000 occupational health & safety management standards and ISM regulations, established and implemented the occupational health & safety management system, formulated related procedures, notices and operational regulations for occupational health & safety management and enhanced the management on working safety and occupational health.
COSCO Group set ups functional departments such as human resources departments, labor unions, safety management committees and safety supervision departments, which were mainly responsible for employee recruitment, daily evaluation, training and education, elevation and promotion and salary & benefits; for coordination and signature of collective contracts and protection of rights and interests of employees, including supervising the company to perform the articles of the contract, protecting female employees and legal rights and interests of other employees; for comprehensive safety management work, including the management of production locations, production processes and safety and occupational health of production personnel.
COSCO Group headquarters, based on its strategic development planning and annual targets, has formulated annual plans for training and the education of employees on occupational health and safety, labor laws and regulations, production skills, management knowledge and employees' code of conduct. It carried out ¡°Three 300s¡±talent project to promote the overall development of human resources of the group. It has enhanced training strengths on urgently needed talents and laid special effects on the cultivation of teams of directors and supervisors, high-tech talents, senior financial management personnel, advanced crews and legal talents. In the meantime, it carefully implemented the Regulations on Seafarers, expanded the training modes of crews, enhanced the training strengths and continuously improved the comprehensive quality of crews. It attached great importance to pre-post, technical, safety and special work type trainings on peasant workers, with the training rate of as high as 100%. It also did a better job in communications of related knowledge and information with various meetings, media and networks and improved management ability and level of employees at all levels.
COSCO Group and its affiliated companies establish diversified and effective communication mechanism between employees and top executives, such as meetings of workers' representatives, mail box of general managers, letters and calls, meeting of democratic life for opinion collection and irregular symposiums.
COSCO Group has attached great importance to career development of employees and coordinated planned the career development demands and development planning of enterprises. By establishing fair, transparent and just talent selection mechanism, providing diversified cultivation channels and establish talent selection mechanism focusing on educational background and practical working ability, it has established an evaluation system with working performance as the evaluation standards and encouraged employees to improve their comprehensive ability. It makes full, reasonable and effective user of internal human resources and balance the human demands of enterprise and career development demands of employees. It deepens the human resources development and management, and develops talent team to the maximum extents. It also plans career development of employees to promote the joint progress of employees and enterprise.
COSCO Group supervised and inspected the occupational health and safety production work of its subsidiaries as well as the establishment and implementation of related rules and regulations through quarterly inspection on management system, internal audit and management and evaluation. In respect to problems found, it analyzed the reasons, formulated corrective measures, and made self-adjustment and self-improvement to ensure the implementation of all regulations. Based on the activity of "creating four bests leadership team", it supervised and promoted the cultivation of leadership team at all levels. Through such means as "making public the affairs of factories and enterprises" and the "workers' congress", COSCO Group accepted the supervision of the public and the employees on its fulfillment of related regulations, evaluated and reviewed the key and important affairs of the company and the production and operation status that are related to the fundamental interests of employees, and evaluated and commented on matters such as employees welfare, occupational health, labor contract and safety product. COSCO Group established the safety supervisor system to supervise the occupational health and safety management as well as the operation of management systems of companies at all levels, while guiding and carrying out the measures and proposals for labor protection and production safety. COSCO Group headquarters and second-tier companies gradually established related systems and passed certifications of related organizations.
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