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    1.Management approaches
    2.Performance indicators
  1)Raw materials
3)Water resource
5)Exhaust gas, sewage and waste
6)Products and services
8)Traffic transportation
  9)General situation



Over the years, COSCO Group has been actively fulfilling its behavior standards in environmental protection, endeavoring to become a "green service" provider. In order to improve oil quality and the burning efficiency thus reducing the environmental influences of emissions of ships' propulsion, COSCO Group actively used the additives that have combustion-support, stabilization and energy-conservation functions on fuels. As ship is a major service tool for ocean shipping, COSCO Group has attached great importance to the disposal procedures of ship after decommission. In the past, decommissioned ships were disposed in form of sale and buyers often used the ships for transport of near-ocean shipping lines. Logistics companies did better jobs in survey, investigation, design and preparation during transportation processes and sought for best opportunities in terms of time, equipment and operation to reduce the influence on neighboring residents as much as possible. In terms of ship-building and ship-repairing, related companies actively controlled the environment-influencing factors such as emission, dust and noise, building a harmonious production and living environment as well as a harmonious community environment.
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