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    1.Management approaches
    2.Performance indicators
  1)Raw materials
3)Water resource
5)Exhaust gas, sewage and waste
6)Products and services
8)Traffic transportation
  9)General situation



Paying attention to worldwide natural resources and ecological environment is the responsibility that all multinational companies including COSCO Group should undertake.
The use of non-toxic paint, marine life protection.
COSCO Group started its silicone paint pilot experience in 2005, tracking and researching the protection circumstances of different silicone paints to marine life. COSCO Qingdao has conducted research on Intersleek 900 Energy-saving and Environmental-protection paint which was awarded 2008 Yacht and Ship Environmental Technology Award. Silicone paint was tested on ¡°Tianshun Sea¡° during ship repairing period. Energy-saving and Environmental-protection silicone paint Intersleek 900 was able to extend ship repairing cycle from 30 months to 60 months and therefore reduced the amount of silicone paint use and protected marine life.
Ship ballast water management.
COSCO Group strictly enforced conventions and relevant port requirement worldwide. COSCO Group has developed ¡°Ship Ballast Water Management Plan¡° which clearly defined responsibilities. Ballast water replacement requirement was established while records and monitor for the whole ballast process were recorded, so as to fully protect marine environment and keep biological diversity development. Based on the research and development of ¡°COSCO Group Ship Ballast Waster Physical Purification Treatment Technology¡°, COSCO Group actively minimized the negative impact of ship ballast water to marine biological diversity and promoted marine environment and marine biological diversity protection.
COSCO Bulk ¡°Fast Sea¡° was a steel structure Handymax bulk carrier built in 1984. Due to its old age, ship structure was aging and pipeline leakage phenomena were frequently seen, ship ballast waterresidues became more and more serious which brought big troubles to ballast water management. Corresponding staff members were appointed to study ship ballast water residues reasons. Through targeted improvements and maintenances, ballast water drainage time was significantly reduced and there was a significant drop in water volume. Residual ballast water issue has been resolved and thus the ship's ballast water management requirements were met.
COSCO Group Boao eco-garden construction.
With the concept of harmonious unity of nature, society and human, COSCO Group adhered to regional ecological environmental protection, recycling economy development, water pollution concentrated solution, air pollution, forest coverage, waste pollution and other protection measures to eco-areas. Environmental protection and biodiversity conservation was taken into account of the architectural design, environmental design, water use, original forestry conservation and animal species protection of Boao eco-garden.
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