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    1.Management approaches
    2.Performance indicators
  1)Raw materials
3)Water resource
5)Exhaust gas, sewage and waste
6)Products and services
8)Traffic transportation
  9)General situation



In order to protect the global resources, COSCO Group has actively reduced the consumption of raw materials and implemented lean management to maximize the utilization of materials and save resources.


(1) Raw materials mainly apply to shipbuilding industry
Due to nature of the business we have engaged, the raw material consumption of COSCO Group is centralized on ship-building and ship-repairing industries. In 2008, total consumption volume of raw materials of COSCO Group reached 559,538 tons.
China COSCO has taken measures to promote raw materials conservation: firstly, shipbuilding enterprises strictly followed design specifications, production order, construction techniques and other technical standards as well as material consumption calculation system in order to reduce losses and waste, improve raw material utilization. Shipbuilding steel utilization rate remained 92% in 2008; secondly, extended the liner material and banding material service period, reduced the use of wood and raised substitution rate; thirdly, set standard for ship spare parts consumption, made regular assessment and linked the assessment results with performance so as to achieve the purpose of raw materials saving.
In order to enhance hull steel utilization, when in construction of its 20,000 tons lifting force floating dock, in comparison of the hull steel utilization of the previous constructed 120, 000 tons lifting force floating dock, in order to reduce losses and waste, COSCO Shipyard Dalian adhered to the goal of "optimize design qualify, rationally using materials; using raw materials to the maximum scale, reducing waste" so as to improve steel utilization of its 20, 000 tons lifting force floating dock. Through finding the reasons for the impact on steel utilization, COSCO Shipyard Dalian has focused on the too many detailed design versions and the unreasonable design. Under the promise of reasonable design, COSCO Shipyard Dalian made precise layout for panel, reasonably adopted panel, ordered panels in accordance with the location of panel gap, panel sickness and structural characteristics. Under the circumstances of insufficient panel utilization, human labor and machine operation was combined. Finally the steal utilization of the 20, 000 tons lifting force floating dock has been increased by 1% from the previous one, met the requirements.
(2) Green passport
The world shipbuilding industry is accelerating its ship product structure adjustment and optimization so as to promote the entire life-cycle green environmental protection from the construction, operation to dismantling. China COSCO is actively in pursuit of the latest movement and development of the world shipbuilding industry, devoting to the standards and requirements of "green passport", linear optimization of ship construction, selection of propulsion, power management, conversion from heavy oil to light oil, host burning efficiency improvement, energy substitution, energy-saving concern in gas recycling and reusing and the promotion of new energy-saving emission reduction measure.
(3) Spare parts and materials renovation and reusing
Under the premise of ship operation security and spare parts quality, it was required to renovate the used spare parts and damaged parts as far as possible. Employees of COSCO Shipyard Lianyungang have all been devoting to the renovation work in accordance with specific business characteristics. Because of the exceeding number of steel scrap production, COSCO Shipyard Lianyungang has strengthened its internal management, particularly made comprehensive inspection and registration to steel scrap. It also inspired and encouraged its employees to make span, tool cabinet, hanging ears, guard-rails with steel scrap, which greatly developed the utilization of scrap materials. This work has saved over 600 tons of steel in 2008. In order to enhance supercharger bearing and oil pump refurbished item utilization, according to the statistics, COSCO Shanghai has ordered 78 sets of host supercharger bearings (including 22 sets of refurbished items) and 53 sets of oil pump (including 22 sets of refurbished items), utilization rate of refurbished items respectively reached 28.2% and 29.3%. In order to conserve resources and improve the utilization of spare parts, in accordance with the ship's actual situation, the seniors of the company have improved spare parts utilization through management tools, as well as set the goal of achieving the utilization rate to at least 60% of refurbished supercharger bearing and oil pump items. The company has analyzed the reasons for low utilization of spare parts from the aspects of staff, management, materials and environment while formulated improvement measures for the main reason. After the implementation of corresponding improvement measures, utilization rate of bearing and oil pump respectively reached 77.27% and 80.95% in 2008, which has respectively increased by 49.07% and 51.65% over 2007, far exceeded the previous goal of 60.0%.
(4) Reducing burden of office environment
COSCO Group has been adhering to the office modernization process and used digital management platform for files and information delivery to fulfill paper-free office work and reduce paper consumption to the maximum extent. In 2008, the paper saving rate of COSCO Group reached 20%, an increase of 3.2% year-on-year.
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