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    1.Statement of the President
    3.Analysis on primary influences, risks, opportunities
and countermeasures of sustainable development
    4.General information of COSCO
    5.Basic profile of companies implementing sustainable development management system
5)Overseas Companies
    7.General information of the report
  1)Scope of report
2)Report compilation principles
3)Report guarantee methods
4)Scope and level of the report



COSCO Group cautiously issues the sustainable develop report with the attitude of being responsible to the society and takes the improvement of reliability of the sustainable development report as the main content to make continuous improvements.

COSCO Group establishes the sustainable development report reliability and quality guarantee mechanism and continuously improves the sustainable development report through a series of review, audit, inspection and evaluation processes.
All financial data in the report are complying with the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises and the Enterprise Accounting System, and are audited according to the China Internal Auditing Standards.
COSCO Group organizes internal audit and evaluation of its sustainable development report according to AA1000 Sustainable Development Report Audit Standards and applies lean six-sigma and risk evaluation methods to determine the auditing period and frequency (please see decision-making chart). The COSCO Group headquarters arranges the audit and evaluation uniformly to standardize the Global Compact implementing behaviors and sustainable development report compilation process.
COSCO Group makes management innovation with ISO9000 Quality Management System as basic building blocks, quality, environment and safety management systems as the base, and the sustainable development and risk management as the main contents, and forms an indicator-based sustainable development management system to implement all sustainable development requirements and indicators to processes and posts. The third party certification of the management system effectively ensures the reliability of report data.
COSCO Group establishes the COSCO Group sustainable development information management system and establishes information safety management system based on ISO27000 information safety management standards to ensure the authenticity, integration and accuracy of data in the report, and to improve the substantiality, integrity, comparability, accuracy and reliability of the sustainable development report continuously.
COSCO Group invites senior responsible persons in charge of social responsibilities of major stakeholders home and abroad to form a COSCO Group sustainable development expert committee to supervise the entire process of sustainable development work of COSCO Group, including Global Compact China Network Center Office, regulatory institute of the State, supervision department, R&D department, transnational companies, strategic partners, suppliers, customers, media, academic circle and related persons.

To ensure the authenticity and reliability, COSCO Group has submitted the report to the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for review and evaluation according to the Reviewing Procedure of Sustainable Development Report, with an independent audit report to be provided.
In addition, COSCO Group invited stakeholders and media to offer suggestions in a move to urge COSCO Group to make constant improvements on the report.
Please visit COSCO Group's official website at http://www.cosco.com for more information about COSCO Group's strategic objectives and the economic, environmental and social influences of its operation and production activities.
COSCO 2009