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    1.Statement of the President
    3.Analysis on primary influences, risks, opportunities
and countermeasures of sustainable development
    4.General information of COSCO
    5.Basic profile of companies implementing sustainable development management system
5)Overseas Companies
    7.General information of the report
  1)Scope of report
2)Report compilation principles
3)Report guarantee methods
4)Scope and level of the report



The COSCO Group Sustainable Development Report 2008, compiled according to the 2006 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines for Sustainable Development Report, combines the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the special requirements for maritime companies from the International Maritime Organization, and satisfies the requirements in the Comprehensive Risk Management for Enterprises Directly under the Central Government and the Guidelines for Social Responsibilities of Enterprises Directly under the Central Government issued by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration of China and the Basic Specification for Internal Control of Listed Companies issued by five ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Finance.
Based on the 2006 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines and the basic principles that define contents of the reporting contents, such as key factors, participation of stakeholders, sustainable development background and integrality, COSCO Group compiled the COSCO Group sustainable development reporting framework and COSCO Group sustainable development indicators definition table. Based the 2007 edition of report, it optimized, divided and supplemented the indicators, and brought the requirements of related parties to index-based management system and compiled the 2008 Edition of COSCO Group Sustainable Development Indicator System and Definition and Material Framework Table with 647 key process indicators and key risk indicators. The report is compiled according to the requirements of sustainable development indicator system.
With an aim to ensure the quality of report, the COSCO Group Sustainable Development Report was compiled based on the principles of pertinent, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, clearness and reliability to ensure the transparency.

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