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    1.Statement of the President
    3.Analysis on primary influences, risks, opportunities
and countermeasures of sustainable development
    4.General information of COSCO
    5.Basic profile of companies implementing sustainable development management system
5)Overseas Companies
    7.General information of the report
  1)Scope of report
2)Report compilation principles
3)Report guarantee methods
4)Scope and level of the report



This report is a vivid reflection of COSCO Group's efforts to implement the Global Compact, perform social responsibility in a scientific manner, fulfill the scientific development outlook, carry out the Guidelines for Social Responsibilities of Enterprises Directly under the Central Government and the Guidelines for Comprehensive Risk Management of Enterprises Directly under the Central Government issued by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration of China (SASAC). It is a portrait to operation results of COSCO Group's sustainable development management system and of the operation of sustainable development information management platform and the sustainable development information management platform, the carrier for COSCO Group to accept supervision of the society and the bridge for COSCO Group to communicate with other stakeholders.

COSCO Group Sustainable Development Report 2008 covers largely the same scope as does the Report 2005, 2006 and 2007. It is complied according to the 2006 edition of GRI standards, and covers all the indicators of the COSCO Group. The Report includes management methods and performance indicators of COSCO Group headquarters and all its second-tier companies, shipping, logistics & ports, and ship-building/repairing companies.
COSCO Group applies six-sigma C&E methods to scientific define the reporting scope in the supply chain and quantitizes the setup boundary decision-making trees of GRI (see attached chart). It only narrates issues and difficulties of third-tier enterprises that have less controlling ability and little influences on sustainable development excluding shipping, logistics and ship-building/repairing companies. Besides reporting related information in COSCO Group Sustainable Development Report, COSCO Group also reports the situation of container transport industry which has great influences of sustainable development. Since 2006, the COSCON Sustainable Development Report was released independently to systematically report the situation for performance of social responsibilities strategies. As a listed company, China COSCO released the China COSCO Sustainable Development Report based on the 2008 annual report to systematically disclose the situation for performance of social responsibilities.

The report is compiled in both Chinese and English and audit of the report will be based on the Chinese version.
The online version is available at http://www.cosco.com. The COSCO Group Sustainable Development Report is also available at http://www.unglobalcompact.org, the website appointed by the United Nations Global Compact Office.

The COSCO Group Sustainable Development Report 2008 is edited according to the normal fiscal year. Unless specified, all information contained in the Report is COSCO Group's sustainable development performance in 2008.

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