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    1.Statement of the President
    3.Analysis on primary influences, risks, opportunities
and countermeasures of sustainable development
    4.General information of COSCO
    5.Basic profile of companies implementing sustainable development management system
5)Overseas Companies
    7.General information of the report
  1)Scope of report
2)Report compilation principles
3)Report guarantee methods
4)Scope and level of the report



Overseas Companies
COSCO (U.K.) Ltd is a fully-owned subsidiary of COSCO Group headquarters, with the registration number of 2216271, the registered capital of GBP 200,000, and the share capital of one million shares. It commenced the business operation on Feb. 16, 1989.
  Nature: Limited liability company
  Investment proportion: 100%
  Employee number: 32
  Total assets: GBP 1.4715 million
  Business revenue: GBP 8.728 million
  Main businesses: cargo transport, logistics business, bulk cargo ship tax leasing, container ship leasing
  Subsidiaries: COSCO (U.K.) Logistics Ltd, COSCO Chartering & Brokage (U.K.) Ltd and COSCO Maritime (U.K.) Ltd.
Container-related departments and businesses of the former COSCO (U.K.) Ltd were hedged off to set up COSCO Container Lines (U.K.) Ltd. COSCO (U.K.) Ltd retained the subsidiaries and departments that are not engaged in container agency businesses. Currently, COSCO (U.K.) headquarters has 6 employees, including 1 employee dispatched from China. Subsidiaries of COSCO (U.K.) have a total of 26 employees, of which, 2 employees are dispatched from China.
Changes of scale, structure and property within reporting period
In 2008, COSCO Group headquarters increased 18,662,678 shares of stocks of China COSCO Holdings Co., Ltd in secondary market, increase the stock proportion from 53.57% to 53.75%.
COSCO 2009