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    1.Statement of the President
    3.Analysis on primary influences, risks, opportunities
and countermeasures of sustainable development
    4.General information of COSCO
    5.Basic profile of companies implementing sustainable development management system
5)Overseas Companies
    7.General information of the report
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2)Report compilation principles
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COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd
COSCO Shipyard Group Co. Ltd (COSCO Shipyard) is a large enterprise group affiliated to COSCO Group, specializing in large vessels building, marine engineering's construction and conversion, and providing with services in ship repairing and building sets. With six large ship enterprises and eight ancillary service enterprises Dalian, Zhoushan, Nantong, Guangdong, Shanghai and Lianyungang under its affiliation, COSCO Shipyard has become the preferred partner for top shipping companies and offshore oil service providers after seven years of leap-forward development.
  Nature: Limited liability company
  Investment proportion: 46.47%
  Employee number: 8,790
  Total assets: RMB 28.2 billion
  Business revenue: RMB 16.5 billion
  Main businesses: Large vessels building, marine engineering's construction and conversion, providing of ship-repairing and building sets
  Subsidiaries: Six large ship enterprises and eight ancillary service enterprises Dalian, Zhoushan, Nantong, Guangdong, Shanghai and Lianyungang.
Now, the total docking capacity of COSCO Shipyard Group has arrived 1.85 million tons, including two capacities of 300,000 tons floating docks, four capacities of 150,000~200,000 tons docks, six capacities of 40,000~80,000 tons docks, 31 berths, two shipbuilding berths, and six water slides as well as three supporting water splits. The total site areas is over 5.65 million square meters that forming a "North-Middle-South" scientific and rational geographical distribution. COSCO Shipyard builds ship models including: series 5000 barking space PCTC, 30,000 tons of series heavy lift multi-purpose ships, 57,000 tons of series bulk carriers, 80,000 tons of bulk carriers, and 92,500 tons carriers; marine project including: the world's first drilling production storage oil vessel (FDPSO), cylindrical rigs, self-drilling platform, semi-submersible offshore oil platforms.
COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company
COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company (COSCO Shipbuilding) established in 1993 is a company directly affiliated to COSCO Group headquarters with the total registered capital of 751.91 million yuan. The company plans to develop into world's top large ship manufacturing enterprise within 5 to 10 years by following the guidelines of "one planning, step-by-step implementation, coordinated arrangement and rolling development" and adopting the development concept of "developing the main business of shipbuilding and integrating auxiliary resources".
  Nature: State-owned company
  Investment proportion: 100%
  Employee number: 3,622
  Total assets: RMB 10.824 billion
  Business revenue: RMB 5.173 billion
  Main businesses: Shipbuilding and ship ancillary service
  Subsidiaries: Fully-owned and joint venture enterprises affiliated to COSCO Shipbuilding include Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd, Dalian COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd, Nantong COSCO Ship Steel Structure Co., Ltd, Shanghai COSCO KHI Steel Structure Co., Ltd, Nantong Ocean Ship Equipment Co., Ltd and Nanjing COSCO Ship-repairing and Ship Equipment Plant.
Over a decade, COSCO Shipping had cooperated with Japan Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd to fulfill the "localization" and "recreation" of production management and technical management through technical introduction, absorption and innovation. It had cooperated with U.K.-based Hardland Wolff to design 150,000-ton Suezmax oil tanker and cooperated with Japan Kawasaki Heavy Industries to design 55,000-ton, 170,000-ton and 200,000-ton BCs and 300,000-ton VLOC. It is also engaged in detailed design and production technique design of various ships and vessels independently. So far, it had successfully delivered 52 large ships, including 300,000-ton VLCC, 5000PCC and 10000TEU, taking a lead in the world in terms of technical capacity, production efficiency and product costs. It is China's only ship-building company engaged in non-matching block merging, with the production capacity of the company reached 2.4 million tons in 2008. After completion of Dalian ship-building base in 2010, the annual production capacity of the company will reach five million DWTs.
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