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COSCO Group's 21 subsidiaries fully implemented the Global Compact in 2008. These subsidiaries cover more than 90% of COSCO Group's main businesses and generate over 90% of COSCO Group's total revenue.
China COSCO Holdings Company Limited
China COSCO Holdings Company Limited (China COSCO) was established by COSCO Group on March 3, 2005. In June 2005, China COSCO issued the H shares through global offering and Hong Kong public offering, and started the trading on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) on June 30, 2005. On June 26, 2007, the company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. (Stock code: 601919 1919.HK).
  Nature: Stock limited company (listed)
  Investment proportion: 53.75%
  Employee number: 34,304
  Total assets: 116.8 billion yuan
  Business revenue: 114.968 billion yuan
  Main businesses: Container shipping, dry & bulk cargo shipping, logistics, terminal and container leasing.
  Subsidiaries: China COSCO owns COSCO Container Lines, COSCO Bulk Carrier, COSCO Qingdao, COSCO Hong Kong, COSCO Shenzhen, COSCO Pacific and COSCO Logistics. China COSCO's subsidiaries provide services covering entire shipping value chain such as container shipping, dry and bulk cargo shipping, logistics, terminal and container leasing for customers home and abroad.
COSCO Container Lines, the fully-owned subsidiary of China COSCO, is engaged in container shipping and other businesses. COSCO Container Lines operates 141 vessels with a total carrying capacity of 496,317 TEUs, calls at more than 155 ports in over 53 countries and regions worldwide. With 67 international shipping lines, 11 international branch lines, 21 domestic coastal shipping lines and 59 branch lines in Yangtze River and Pearl River Delta Region, COSCO Container Lines owns and operates over 400 domestic and overseas sales outlets. The bulk cargo fleet of China COSCO (including COSCO Bulk Carrier, COSCO Qingdao, COSCO Hong Kong and COSCO Shenzhen) operates 443 dry and bulk cargo ships, of which, 210 are owned by the company and 233 are leased from other companies. These ships with the total carrying capacity of 34,361,005 DWTs form the largest dry and bulk cargo fleet in the world. COSCO Logistics, the holding subsidiary of China COSCO, provides comprehensive logistics services including third-party logistics, ship agent and cargo agent and establishes over 400 branches in 29 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, Hong Kong as well as overseas countries. COSCO Pacific, the holding subsidiary of China COSCO, operated 28 terminal projects worldwide with a total of 146 berths. According to data released by Drewry in September 2008, market occupancy of COSCO Terminal ranked the fifth in the world in 2007. The Florens Container Holdings Co., Ltd affiliated to COSCO Pacific offers container leasing services, and owns and manages 1,621,222 TEUs, with container leasing service occupies 13.6% of global market shares, ranking the No.2 in the world. China International Marine Containers operates container manufacturing business through COSCO Pacific's shareholding of joint-operation companies. China International Marine Containers is currently the world's largest container manufacturing company, taking over 50% of market shares.
COSCO Container Lines Co., Ltd
COSCO Container Lines Co., Ltd (COSCO Container Lines) established on Nov. 11, 1997 is a core enterprise specially engaged in ocean container transport business.
  Nature: Limited liability company
  Investment proportion: 100% (held by China COSCO)
  Employee number: 15,724
  Total assets: 30.910 billion yuan
  Business revenue: RMB 39.080 billion
  Main businesses: International and domestic maritime container transport
  Subsidiaries: COSCO Container Lines owns 19 fully-owned and joint venture subsidiaries (including 8 domestic ones and 11 overseas ones).
The vessel fleet of COSCO Container Lines owns and operates 141 vessels with the total carrying capacity of 496,317 TEUs, ranking the sixth in the world for total carrying capacity. Calling at more than 155 ports in over 53 countries and regions, the vessel fleet of COSCO Container Lines runs 78 international shipping lines, 21 domestic coastal shipping lines and 59 branch lines in Yangtze River and Pearl River Delta Region. COSCO Container Lines owns and operates over 400 domestic and overseas sales and services outlets, forming wide sales and service network worldwide.
COSCO Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd
COSCO Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd (COSCO Bulk Carrier) was established in 1995. Over the years, COSCO Bulk Carrier has insisted on the operation and development strategies of integrating the functionalities of ship-owner, charterer, broker shipper and FFA (five-in-one), established marketing network and promoted the integration of bulk cargo logistics, fulfilling the diversified, intensified and transnational operation of shipping business. COSCO Bulk Carrier establishes COSCO European Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd, COSCO American Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd and COSCO Australian Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd at major overseas regions in form of shareholding and joint venture, and opens its service outlets in many countries.
  Nature: Limited liability company
  Investment proportion: 100% (held by China COSCO)

Employee number: 6,254

  Total assets: 15.256 billion yuan
  Business revenue: 40.302 billion yuan
  Main businesses: International dry and bulk cargo transport
  Subsidiaries : COSCO Bulk Carrier owns over 15 full-owned and joint venture companies.
The company owns and operates over 80 large bulk cargo vessels all types such as Handysize, Panamax and Capesize, with the total carrying capacity of 4.9 million DWTs, and charters in 160 vessels. With the total carrying capacity of over 17 million DWTs under control, COSCO Bulk Carrier mainly provides ocean shipping services for such goods as grains, ores, coals, fertilizers, steels, woods and farm products. Shipping lines of COSCO Bulk Carrier cover 1,000 ports in over 100 countries and regions.
Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Company
Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO Guangzhou) is a core member affiliated to COSCO Group headquarters. Established on April 27, 1961 as the first state-owned ocean shipping enterprise of the newly established China, COSCO Guangzhou is regarded as the "cradleland for ocean shipping business of the new China" and "cradle of COSCO Group". It is also China's largest multi-purpose ship transport company mainly comprised of special professional vessel.

Nature: State-owned company


Investment proportion: 100%


Employee number: 6,640


Total assets: 12.052 billion yuan


Business revenue: 8.974 billion yuan


Main businesses: Multi-purpose ship transport business mainly comprised of special transport

  Subsidiaries: COSCO Guangzhou owns 9 fully-owned or shareholding companies (COSCO Shipping controlled by it is a listed company), and 13 fully-owned or shareholding on-land companies.
COSCO Guangzhou currently owns and operates 138 special ships and multi-purpose ships, with the total carrying capacity of 2.399 million DWTs. With all kinds of special ships including semi-submersible ships, heavy lift ships, multi-purpose ships, ro-ro ships, timber ships, asphalt ships, bulk cargo ships and general cargo ships not only, COSCO Guangzhou takes leading positions in many professional transport sectors. After years of operation in international shipping market, COSCO Guangzhou has formed the global business network based in China and with Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, U.S., Europe, Australia, Africa and Western Asia as the radiating points. Shipping-tracks of the vessel fleet of COSCO Guangzhou cover 1,562 ports in 159 countries and regions. COSCO Guangzhou also forms stable, reliable and competitive liner transport ability in Far East to Mediterranean, North/West Europe, Persian Gulf, South/North America and Africa. Besides general bulk cargos, the company also transports special, uncontainerable and super-large equipment, super-heavy and long cargos such as drilling platform, naval ships, locomotives, dredgers, bridge cranes and complete set of equipment, as well as cargos having special loading/unloading requirements such as asphalts.
COSCO Shipping Co., Ltd
COSCO Shipping Co., Ltd (COSCO Shipping) was jointly established by Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Company, COSCO Guangzhou Marine Service Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Ocean Shipping Company and COSCO Guangzhou International Freight Co., Ltd on Dec. 8, 1999. The company was listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange on April 18, 2002 (Stock code: 600428).

Nature: Limited liability company


Investment proportion: 50.13% (held by COSCO Guangzhou)


Employee number: 4,701


Total assets: RMB 7.125 billion


Business revenue: RMB 6.901 billion


Main businesses: Ocean shipping and coastal shipping, intermodal transport by rail, sea and air (upon business license), crew labor service, wholesale and retail trading (excluding commodities controlled and managed solely by the State), ship agency, leasing, trading, repairing and building, loading and unloading services; storage (dangerous goods excluded), labor service, product information service, communication equipment repairing, and import/export goods shipment and agency; cargo import and export, technical import and export (except for items prohibited by laws and administrative regulations; licenses shall be obtain before operation of items limited by laws and administrative regulations); dispatch of laborers to overseas countries (including seafarers, valid period: ended on May 13, 2014); post introduction, labor information service, labor guarantee consultation (valid period: ended on April 30, 2009).

Subsidiaries: NYKCOS Car Carrier Co., Ltd, COSCO Shipping (Hong Kong) Investment, Tianjin Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO Tianjin).
With the total registered capitals of 1.3104 billion yuan in 2008, COSCO Shipping owns and operates 84 ships including heavy lift ships, semi-submersible ships, ro-ro ships, multi-purpose ships and general cargo ships. These ships have the average age of 21.1 years and the totally carrying capacity of 1.35 million DWTs. COSCO Shipping is mainly engaged in special general cargo ocean shipping and costal shipping, specializing in transport of super-long, heavy, large and uncontainerable cargos and cargos that have special transport and loading/unloading requirements. It also provides irregular transport services to customers. COSCO Shipping mainly operates Far East-Bengal line, Far East-West African line, and lines from Southeast Asia and Far East eastward to Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North and West Europe and North America, forming worldwide ocean shipping network for special general cargos.
Qingdao Ocean Shipping Company
Qingdao Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO Qingdao) is a core subsidiary of COSCO Group headquarters, and a large, specialized international dry and bulk cargo transport company.
  Nature: Limited liability company
  Investment proportion: 100% (held by China COSCO)
  Employee number: 5,078
  Total assets: RMB 5.369 billion

Business revenue: RMB 9.413 billion


Main businesses: Dry and bulk cargo transport

  Subsidiaries: COSCO Qingdao owns 15 fully-owned and shareholding on-land companies and a crew service company.
COSCO Qingdao owns and operates 24 large dry and bulk cargo ships including Capesize, Panamax, Handysize and Handymax, with the total carrying capacity of two million DWTs. With eight self-owned Capesize vessels, COSCO Qingdao positions itself as the ocean shipping company with largest Capesize vessel fleet. The vessel fleet of COSCO Qingdao provides services in the international lines and domestic coastal markets, carrying various large batches of dry and bulk cargos. Meanwhile, it runs such business as ship-leasing/renting, COA shipment and demise charter in the shipping market. In respect to on-land industries, COSCO Qingdao has formed businesses such as crew labor service, shipping-related service, international vessel management and trade, and property-buying and logistics.
Dalian Ocean Shipping Company
Dalian Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO Dalian) established on Jan. 1, 1978 is a large-scale shipping company affiliated to COSCO Group headquarters, and COSCO Group's only specialized shipping company for liquid bulk cargo transport.
  Nature: State-owned company
  Investment proportion: 100%
  Employee number: 2,841
  Total assets: RMB 7.716 billion
  Business revenue: RMB 5.205 billion
  Main businesses: Liquid bulk cargo transport focusing on oil tanker
  Subsidiaries: COSCO Dalian has 20 on-land subsidiaries, of which, 5 are fully-owned enterprises, nine are shareholding companies, while six are joint stock companies.
COSCO Dalian currently owns and operates over 38 vessels, including oil tankers, liquefied gas tankers and chemical tankers, with the totally carrying capacity of 4.9 million DWTs. Scale of vessel fleet of COSCO Dalian takes a leading position among enterprises of the same class. COSCO Dalian also owns 12 VLCCs, which are "flagship vessels" for profit-making and brand-building of the company. By increasing its strength on development of international customers continually, and enhancing the strategic cooperation with internationally renowned cargo owners, COSCO Dalian has managed to expand its business scope to 300 ports in over 100 countries and regions.
Xiamen Ocean Shipping Company
Xiamen Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO Xiamen) established in October 1993 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSCO Group headquarters. Over the years, the company has operated irregular bulk cargo lines from Far East to US Gulf, and to Central/South America, which have been well received by cargo owners home and abroad for their high-quality, safe, high-efficient and convenient services, building up good brand image. In 2007, Wuyuan Liner for passenger transport service between Xiamen and Jinmen set up COSCO Group's brand in serving for passengers in Taiwan of "small three links" on both sides of Taiwan Strait and received high praises from passengers and the society.

Nature: State-owned company


Investment proportion: 100%


Employee number: 89

  Total assets: RMB 1.069 million
  Business revenue: RMB 837 million

Main businesses: International and regional dry and bulk cargo and general cargo transport, with a focus on transport of grains, ores, coals, fertilizers, steels and bagged sugars and equipment

Subsidiaries: Besides developing ocean shipping business actively, COSCO Xiamen also operates and manages businesses in related industries such as ship-repairing, container station and transport, international crew training, tourism service, and "small three links" passenger transport.
COSCO Xiamen currently owns and operates 11 vessels of various types, including bulk carriers, multi-purpose ships and high-speed passenger ships, with the total carrying capacity of 300,000 DWTs. In addition, two timber ships with the carrying capacity of 32,000 DWTs each are in construction. After the successful opening of Quanzhou-Jinmen direct passenger transport line, the company's Wuyuan high-speed, luxury passenger liner built in Norway was put into use for Xiamen-Jinyuan passenger transport line in October 2007.
COSCO (Hong Kong) Shipping Co., Ltd
COSCO (Hong Kong) Shipping Co., Ltd (COSCO Hong Kong) is a member unit of COSCO Group headquarters, and an important member of China Ocean Shipping Company (H-share code: 1919, A-share code: 601919). COSCO Hong Kong was established by merger of Hong Kong Ocean Shipping Liner Co., Ltd (established in 1957) and Yifeng Shipping Company (established in 1960) on Nov. 1, 1994.

Nature: Limited liability company


Investment proportion: 100% (held by China COSCO)


Employee number: 1,872


Total assets: RMB 20.930 billion


Business revenue: RMB 23.5 billion


Main businesses: Dry bulk cargo carriers worldwide, including coal, grain, steel and steel products, fertilizers, metals and non-metallic mineral mining and so on, at the same time, also carried out to the boat rental business, assembled goods business

COSCO Hong Kong owns and operates 151 vessels, with the total carrying capacity of 12.35 million DWTs. These vessels from four main fleet forces, i.e. Handysize vessel fleet, Panama vessel fleet, Capesize vessel fleet and coastal transport fleet.
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