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1.Management approaches
2.Performance indicators
3)Public policies
4)Anti-competitive practices
5)Conformity with laws and regulations
Management approaches
1. Objectives and performances
COSCO Group commits itself to the fulfillment of social responsibilities, and shoulders its responsibilities as a global citizen. COSCO Group strives to maintain good relations with the local communities and to reduce the influence and harm on the communities when entering and leaving. The company makes continuous efforts to construct the comprehensive corruption penalty and prevention system, upholds the corporate philosophy of legal operation and standard management, and adheres to the management principles of ¡±prioritizing prevention and combining prevention with penalty.¡° After years of efforts, the combat against corruption and the construction of an honest enterprise are successful, the honest, efficient operation and the harmonious, healthy and stable development of the enterprise guaranteed. In terms of the formulation and study of related international and domestic regulations, COSCO Group continues to invest in the comprehensive promotion of the philosophies and guidelines in the Global Compact and the sustainable development initiative, and calls for the popularization and implementation of the philosophies in all walks of life. Based on the principles of honest operation and lawful production, COSCO Group strives to promote a fair, just and open market environment and fights against industrial monopoly with determination. The subsidiaries and employees never probe into the commercial secrets of the rivals by illegal means. Nor have they ever been accused of dishonest competition or monopolistic behavior.
2. . Policies and regulations
COSCO Group requires its subsidiaries to fulfill their respective social responsibilities in their local communities, maintain good relationships with the communities, and minimize the negative impacts on the communities. All of the subsidiaries have implemented this basic principle effectively. COSCO Group has developed the COSCO Group Implementation Guidelines for the Establishment of A Sound Educational, Administrative and Supervision System to Prevent Corruption. The companies have formulated their respective implementation programs and enforcement regulations, incorporated the relevant requirements of the anti-corruption system into the scope of comprehensive risk management, and carried out anti-corruption and anti-monopoly work effectively. COSCO Group clarifies the relevant regulations for anti-corruption, anti-monopoly and unfair competition, along with the work requirements for the organizations, responsible personnel, and responsible departments. The companies under COSCO Group always abide by the principle of fairness and honesty, safeguarding free, fair competition in the market, complying with the anti-monopoly laws of the trading countries, upholding the principle of win-win cooperation, and protecting the interests of the goods, owners and the stakeholders. Engaged in fair competition and legal operation activities, the companies and employees of COSCO Group never supplant the rivals by any improper, illegal means. Nor have they deliberately fabricated and spread false facts to damage the reputation of the competitors. COSCO Group companies formulate corresponding measures to guard against operational risks, improve the implementation capacity, investigate and punish disciplinary offences, and strengthen supervision and discipline.
3. Organization and responsibilities
COSCO Group companies have set up their respective Commission on Sustainable Development, established administrative departments and public relations departments to maintain the good relations of cooperation with the communities. Moreover, the companies have set up inspection and supervision departments and discipline inspection commissions which are responsible for the implementation of the anti-corruption work. The main duties of these departments and commissions are: research and track the national legislation and international policies and guidelines on anti-commercial bribery and anti-corruption, develop and implement the corporate procedures and measures for anti-corruption, organize and conduct the communication and education on anti-corruption policies and regulations, supervise and inspect the performance of various departments and posts with regard to the implementation of the provisions, investigate and deal with disciplinary offences. Administrative departments, such as the President's Office or General Manager's Office, are established in the companies. These departments are responsible for the daily leadership conferences, receptions and public affairs, ensuring that leaders at all levels are engaged in public speeches, lectures and other lobbying activities in accordance with the relevant procedural requirements and the companies' commitment and willingness are expressed and communicated. The companies' market or sales departments are responsible for implementing the relevant national and international policies and regulations with regard to antitrust and anti-unfair competition.
4. Training and communications
COSCO Group is committed to the popularization of the philosophies and concepts of social responsibility throughout the entire Group by way of employee training and communication. Community construction, anti-corruption, anti-monopoly and other related content are incorporated into the training programs, and these programs are organized in various forms and at different levels. The training programs include: special events, theme essay competition, picture exhibition and other forms of activities. In this way, the relevant policies and regulations are promoted throughout the entire corporate system. Through the promotion of the construction of an honest enterprise, the main objectives, principles, major tasks, procedures, measures and so on are outlined in detail. And through the well-planned, all-round, multi-level and systematic promotion of the honest culture, the companies are guided towards corporate integrity and legal operation, and the awareness of the staff members is enhanced. Unhealthy trends are corrected and overcome, a strong moral line of defence against corruption established among all the employees. To improve the work and management capacities of the audit staff in the Department of Supervision, intensive training courses about related knowledge and professional skills are organized in the companies every year, which has promoted the effective implementation of the relevant work. The companies also upload the relevant policies, regulations and cases on the Internet for the employees to learn about, so that they can enhance their precaution awareness and self-discipline abilities.
5. Supervision and certification
COSCO Group includes the requirements of anti-corruption and anti-monopoly as the contents for the daily examination and assessment of the employees, and the relevant indicators are included in the assessment of the construction of spiritual civilization. The companies' supervision and discipline departments supervise and assess the implementation of the provisions, and propose rectification measures for the problems identified. By establishing justice departments and posts, the companies supervise the management of the contracts and the implementation of the legal requirements. And by operating the supervision perfection mechanism for the management system and the labor unions democratic management function, the companies inspect and evaluate the community construction undertaken by the departments in charge, as well as the business exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries. The companies organize inspections for operative discipline and contract fulfillment to promote the implementation of the relevant provisions. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission conduct regular or occasional spot checks on the implementation of the anti-corruption and anti-monopoly policies on the part of COSCO Group, as a form of external supervision.
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