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1.Management approaches
2.Performance indicators
  1)Customer health and safety
2)Product and service logo
3)Market promotion and publication
4)Customer privacy
5)Law compliance
Management approaches
1. Objectives and performances
All shipping companies, logistics companies and ship-building and ship-repairing companies of COSCO Group voluntarily shouldered their due responsibilities in product life span and service providing process by establishing related mechanisms and adopting effective measures. In the development, design, performance, implementation and follow-up service sectors such as shipping line arrangement, cargo transport and storage, ship-building and ship-repairing and passenger service, they had attached great importance to safety and health of consumers and actively delivered product and service information by making use of IT technologies. They had insisted on the marketing strategies based on self-discipline principles of "being honest to customers worldwide and establishing the credit" operated the business in accordance with laws and regulations, and established law-complying production and consumption environment together with customers. In 2007, COSCO Group entered into strategic partnership relationships with many world top 500 enterprises and local governments and was awarded the Green Flag Award for its environmental protection efforts by the U.S. again.
2. Policies and regulations
All companies affiliated to COSCO Group established and implemented the sustainable development management system and comprehensive risk management system, and carried out the requirements regarding to related products and services in shipping, logistics, ship-building and ship-repairing businesses through system-wide procedures such as document control, training management and internal control and appraisal. By establishing procedures such as product design and development, contract control, production implementation and management of upstream and downstream industrial chains, they eliminated all possibilities that may affect safety and health of customers or controlled them to the minimum extents. They established law-compliance evaluation procedures to change related regulations on customer health and safety and product liability of international companies and the national laws into daily operational principles. They formulated marketing service manual and rules for freight canvassers and information disclosure regulations to standardize marketing and product promotion processes. They developed and used cargo operational system, logistics information platform, ship management dynamic tracing system and other software systems to ensure timely and effective information transmission in product and service providing processes.
3. Organization and responsibilities
COSCO Group headquarters and all its subsidiaries set up the offices for sustainable development committees or regulatory departments to be responsible for effective operation and control of quality, environment, occupational health and social responsibility management systems of the headquarters and its subsidiaries. The Transportation Department of COSCO Group headquarters is responsible for formulation of guidelines and policies for transportation production of COSCO Group. The Safety Technology Supervision Department is responsible for ship, crew and cargo safety in transportation process. The product and service design and development departments of the companies are responsible for collection and identification of customers' safety and health demands and product and service liability requirements. The product manufacturing and service providing departments strictly implement related regulations to ensure quality of product manufacturing and service providing processes. The marketing departments promote the products and services honestly and faithfully under the marketing guidelines of the group, and participate in opening and fair competition of the market. The management departments are responsible for collection of customer satisfaction information, investigation and analyses on insufficiencies, formulation of corrective and preventative measures and supervision on the implementation.
4. Trainings and communications
COSCO Group has enhanced the trainings and popularization of knowledge regarding product and service liability through its own portal website and other professional websites, allowing more employees to know the group's regulations on product liability and the commitment made to the society. It enhanced the communications with customers and consumers through online information released and commercial platform established, so as to share related resources and know customers' demands. COSCO Group headquarters and its subsidiaries set up a special budget for training, formulated annual training plans and organized daily trainings in form of self-study, class and accreditation to improve product liability consciousness and related skills of the employees. In the training, the group took the contents such as customer health and safety regarding product and services, product and service information type and providing method, product and service-related laws and regulations, industrial regulations, respect to customers' privacy, law-complying product and legal operation as the necessary contents for training.
5. Supervision and certification
COSCO Group headquarters and its subsidiaries supervised and check the product and service liability relating activities through annual internal audit, second-party supervision and audit, and third party certification and audit. Based on internal audit and management evaluation, it summarized and analyzed the implementation effectiveness of regulations related to product and service liability. It evaluated the compliance degree in performing product and service liability from the angle of customers through on-site audit of the second party. It also justly and objectively evaluated the consistency and effectiveness of the companies' efforts to perform product and service liability compared with related standards and documents through third-party certification and audit. COSCO Group headquarters and its subsidiaries established daily and annual evaluation mechanism to supervise, evaluate and check the product and service liability-related contents as specified in the operation and management liability objectives. It carried out customer satisfaction survey and information collection work through various ways to get customers' opinions and suggestions, so as to accept supervision of the customers and the public.
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