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1.Management approaches
2.Performance indicators
  1)Raw materials
3)Water resource
5)Exhaust gas, sewage and waste
6)Products and services
8)Traffic transportation
9)General situation
Management approaches
1. Objectives and performance
COSCO Group has set the guidelines of environmental protection as ¡±comprehensive management, preservation of resources, environment protection¡° and has committed to protecting the environment and preserving global resources, and supporting and participating in ecological protection activities as a social responsibility undertaker to initiatively improve enterprises' environmental protection system. COSCO Group has taken the safety and the environmental protection as an important part of its commitment. COSCO Group has strictly implemented rules and regulations regarding environmental protection in domestic laws and regulations as well as international conventions, actively performed applicable suggesting standards, decrees and related requirements on environment protection home and abroad. It has adopted technological innovation to protect limited resources and took effective measures to avoid negative influences on the environment, so as to protect the beautiful environments that human beings are relying on. In 2007, COSCO Group was free from any environment pollution accidents and the associated penalties. In the first set of energy-conservation demonstration projects for traffic industry initiated by the Ministry of Communications in 2007, two projects of COSCO Group were selected as energy-conservation demonstration projects for traffic industry. COSCO Group was awarded the environmental protection flags in the Green Flag program organized by the Long Beach Authority of the U.S.
2. Policies and regulations
Guided by the Guiding Opinions for COSCO Group to Build up a Resource-saving Enterprise and Implementing the Global Compact as well as the guidelines and policies of the State Council and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, all companies of COSCO Group have formulated implementation plans and details, and established corresponding procedures, notices and operating criteria. COSCO Group headquarters has introduced the IS014000 Environmental Management Systems Standard for establishment of the environmental management system and has passed third-party certification. Major second-tier companies of the group also introduced the IS014000 Environmental Management Systems Standard, established and implemented the environment management system. Some companies have passed the third-party certifications, while others were organizing the third-party certifications in succession. Meanwhile, all shipping companies have introduced the International Safety Management Code (ISMC) to establish their safety management systems. By carrying out corresponding management measures and solutions, COSCO Group is in compliance with all applicable environment-related international conventions, rules and Chinese laws & regulations as well as other requirements to prevent damage to the environment.
3. Orgazations and responsiblities
The Safety Technology Supervision Division is responsible for the environmental protection work of COSCO Group headquarters. Each subsidiary has set up the administrative unit or specific posts for environmental protection, which are mainly responsible for tracing and analyzing the environmental protection trends home and abroad, researching and stipulating policies and measures relating to environmental protection, supervising and guiding positions at all levels to effectively implement the solutions relating to environmental protection, and dealing with and correcting the deficiencies in environmental protection work. The group's executive vice president in charge of environmental protection is responsible for supervision and coordination, and the top executives of subsidiaries are responsible for supervision and implementation. In respect to environmental protection of ships, the captain is the first responsible person, and chief engineer officer is the main responsible person. They are tasked with studying rules of energy conservation and environmental protection work, pay attention to each process of the energy conservation, establish related mechanisms and systems, improved the company's energy conservation and environmental protection management system and established and improved the incentive mechanisms which are favorable for energy conservation, energy reduction and enhancement of environmental protection work.
4. Trainings and communications
COSCO Group headquarters brought environmental protection contents into training plans and temporarily training plans of employees each year through effective operation of quality and environment management systems, and implemented the training plans via a number of forms such as delegated training, the company's organization of trainings and self-study. At meantime, it also organized knowledge update and management skill trainings for managing personnel of environmental management system and persons in environmental management posts, so as to improve the environmental protection consciousness and environmental protection management level of employees. The company uploaded the environment reports and sustainable development reports as well as environment-related information of COSCO Group headquarters via portal website and WLAN, allowing employees of the company and the public to know environment-related policies, guidelines and performances of the company.
5. Supervision and certification
Based on internal and external audit procedures of environmental management system, regular and annual evaluation procedures and the opinion solicitation from stakeholders, COSCO Group enhanced the supervision over the environment-related behavior and improved the deficiencies through corrective and preventative procedures, thus constantly improving the company's environment performances and building a secure and environment-friendly PDCA recycling management system. COSCO Group headquarters has established its safety supervisor system to supervise shipping companies' environmental management and ISMC operation. All shipping companies have conducted internal audits for all ships they controlled on schedule, calculated and analyzed the unqualified items found in the internal audit, found the reasons and made corrections. In addition, onsite checking is conducted for the ships arriving at overseas ports through COSCO Group's overseas ship engineering outlets, including the checking on the environmental protection efforts taken by the ships. COSCO Group headquarters' environment management system has passed the joint certification of DNV and CSS, and certifications for environment management systems of the subsidiaries are being organized.
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