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1.Strategy and analysis of risks and opportunities
2)Analysis on primary influences, risks, opportunities and countermeasures of sustainable development
2.Corporate governance structure
3.Participation of stakeholders
4.Major policies and management systems
Strategy and analysis of risks and opportunities
Mission statement
Gradually develop to become a world leader in international shipping, logistics services, and ship-building and ship-repairing by maintaining trustworthy relationships with our customers, employees and partners, yielding best returns for shareholders, society and environment.
Overall strategies and objectives
Perform the duties as a corporate citizen by taking technology as a tool and benefits as the core while adhering to the human-oriented and market-oriented principles; stick to the two-pronged drivers of production operation and capital operation; make international shipping business stronger, expand logistics business and terminal operation, develop the ship-building and ship-repairing businesses; With shipping business as the basis, propel COSCO Group's transformation from a global shipping carrier to a global logistics operator and international shipping logistics system integrator from a cross-border business player to a transnational company and global conglomerate; build harmonious COSCO and evergreen COSCO and fulfill its healthy, fast and sustainable development.
Management policies
Build up a harmonious enterprise by making correct decisions, adopting systematic management methods and providing high quality services, implement comprehensive risk management and the Global Compact and fulfill the coordination and sustainable development of corporate value and human environment and natural resources.
Development thoughts and objectives during the 11th Five-Year Plan period
Deepen the system reforms and establish the three-layered modern enterprise system with clear governance structure in accordance with the requirements on central-enterprises' adoption of the stock system and the entry into capital market of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council; accelerate the entry of major businesses into the capital market and fulfill the capital structure of 5:4:1 with overall planning and staged implementation and with China COSCO as the flagship for building up capitalized COSCO; raise capitals through the capital market, propel the mechanism reform and system establishment, regulate the operation and management procedures and constantly enhance the enterprise's sustainable development ability; stably expand the scale of vessel fleet owned and controlled by the group, scientifically adjust the fleet structure, make great efforts to develop the container vessel fleet, oil tanker fleet and costal bulk carrier fleet, speed up the development of specialized vessel fleet, systematically control the scale of bulk cargo vessel fleet, establish new bulk cargo ship operation system and mechanism through reconstruction and integration, improve the continuous profitability of shipping companies; develop logistics, cargo transport and ship agency businesses with COSCO Logistics as the platform for development of modern logistics business, expand overseas logistics business based on domestic market and form COSCO Group's competitive advantages in global logistics industry as soon as possible; fulfill the transformation form a strategic investor to an operator and manager, from container terminal operator to diversified terminal operator with container terminal as the major business, and from regional investment to global development based in China, form a unified industry management system with COSCO Pacific as the pillar, and build up COSCO Group's terminal brand; grasp the opportunity to sensibly expand the scale of ship-building and ship-repairing business, and constantly improve the competitiveness and profitability of the company; optimally develop the financial and IT industries, making them important pillars for development of main businesses; promote industry optimization and restructuring depending on the core businesses, improve overseas operation and management mechanisms, and expand overseas business presence; boost construction of corporate cultures and employee teams, protect the fundamental and long-term rights and interests of employees, improve the harmonious mechanism for mutual development of both enterprises and employees, and build up a harmonious enterprise based on development, reform, stability, innovation, justice and culture; keep the vessel fleet scale in a leading position in the world, the internationalized operation indicator at United Nation's indicators for Top Global 100 Companies, and the sales income at Fortune Global 500; primarily realize the transformation from a global shipping carrier to a global logistics operator and an international shipping logistics system integrator depending on shipping businesses, from a multinational business operator to a multinational and global company, and lay solid foundations for building of harmonious and long-lived COSCO Group.
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