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A.General introduction C1.
Third party auditing opinions Table of Articles in GRI Report Guidance
      Strategy and analysis on risks and opportunities
  1¡¢ Strategy
  2¡¢ Analysis on primary influences, risks and opportunities of sustainable
      Corporate governance structure
      Participation of
      Major policies and management system

Overview of COSCO¡¯s management system


Overview of COSCO¡¯s efforts to perform Global Compact and sustainable development

  3¡¢ Overview of COSCO implementing comprehensive risk management
  4¡¢ Overview of certifications
Gradually develop to become a world leader in international shipping, logistics services, ship-building and ship repairing by maintaining trustworthy relationships with our customers, employees and partners, yielding best returns for shareholders, society and environment.
Perform the duties as a corporate citizen by taking technology as a tool and benefit as the core while adhering to the human-oriented and market-oriented principles, stick to the two-pronged drivers of production operation and capital operation; make international shipping business stronger, expand logistics business and terminal operation, develop the ship-building and ship repairing business; propel COSCO's transformation from a global shipping carrier to a global logistics operator and international shipping logistics system integrator based on the shipping business, from a cross-border business player to a multinational conglomerate; build harmonious COSCO and persistently growing COSCO, realize healthy and fast development as well as the sustainable development.
By means of proper decision-makings, scientific management and quality service, building harmonious enterprise, implementing comprehensive risk management and Global Compact, to realize the development of, and harmonization between, an enterprise's value, humane environment and natural resources.

Accelerate the entry of the major business into the capital market with overall planning and staged implementation by taking China COSCO as a flagship of the capital COSCO, realizing the capital structure of ¨°5:4:1¨®; raise funds through the capital market, propel the mechanism reform, regulate the operation management and constantly enhancing the enterprise's capability of sustainable development. Take actions for both owning and controlling to stably expand the fleet capacity, scientifically adjust the fleet structure, make great efforts to develop the fleets of container vessel, dry bulk carrier and tanker, speed up the development of specialized carrier, establish a new kind of bulk carrier operation system and mechanism through reconstruction and integration, improve the capability of the shipping enterprises in constant benefit generation; expand overseas logistics business by taking COSCO Logistics as the development platform of modern logistics business and the domestic market as the basis, focus on developing the value-added business cored inventory management, establish COSCO's competitive edge in logistics in the world; implement the transformation form a strategic investor to a business manager, from a single container terminal player to a diversified terminal operator with container terminal as the major business, from a regional participator to a global investor with China as the main footprint, form a unified industry management system with COSCO Pacific as the pillar to build COSCO's terminal brand name; grasp the opportunity to reasonably expand the scale of ship building and ship repairing sector, constantly improve the competitiveness and the profitability. Optimize the development of financial and IT industries to make them the important support for the development of the major business; push forward the industry optimization and restructuring depending on the core business, improve the management mechanism of the overseas operations and expand the size of the overseas business.

Boost the construction of the corporate culture and the employee teams, protect the fundamental interests and the long-term interests of employees, and improve the harmonious mechanisms for the mutual development of both enterprises and employees. Promote harmoniousness with development, seek harmoniousness with reform, ensure harmoniousness with stability, purse harmoniousness with innovation, create harmoniousness with fairness and build harmoniousness with culture, thus establishing harmonious enterprises. The existing fleet capacity maintains the leading position in the world; internationalized operation index meets the indicator of the UN's ¨°Top Global 100 Companies¨®; enter the Fortune Global 500 and maintain such position stably by sales revenues; initially realize the transformation from a global shipping carrier to a global logistics operator and an international shipping logistics system integrator depending on the shipping business, from an enterprise of cross-boarder business player to a multinational conglomerate in order to lay solid foundations for the persistently growing COSCO.

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